Faculty Update



Superintendent Kent Matheson - Superintendent Matheson left Eburg and moved to Seattle taking a position as Superintendent of Schools for the Highline School District. After retiring from that position he moved to Flagstaff, AZ in 1993 where he took another position as Superintendent. He has since (1999) moved back to the Seattle area and is reportedly busier than ever.

Vice-Principal Archer Andreotti - Saddly Mr. Andreotti passed away on December 15, 2006. We learned a lot from you.

Principal Al Moss- Long time EHS Principal, Al Moss, died due to a stroke on December 13, 2010. After retiring, he continued to be very active in the community, including Rotary, the KVCH Hospital Board, and various other groups.  He often donated guided fishing trips to auctions and loved the outdoors. He will be missed.




Roger Beckel

Gloria Bugni - Mrs. Bugni has retired and is enjoying traveling and spending time with her grandchildren.

Coyne Burnett - Mr. Burnett passed away last spring

Frank Crimp - Mr. Crimp passed away many years ago.

Clay Evans - Mr. Evans passed away in 1999 due to an unknown virus. Up until that time he continued to be very active and was just as athletic as he was when he tought us PE. He was married to Susan Wine's mother (Donna Evans). He was a great guy, alot of fun to be around and he's greatly missed. We learned alot about life from Clayton...

Lee Gilham - After retirement, Lee moved away from the valley and died two or three years after retirement.

Clint Graf - Mr. Graf reportedly quit teaching and has an orchard in Granview.

Wendell Holmstrom - Mr. Holmstrom moved to Spokane to an old folks home. He seems to like all the company (playing poker, exercise class, etc) which is great, cuz he was isolated out in Chinatown. Thanks Mr. Holmstrom for putting up with all Sonja's friends.

Dean Johnson -The former librarian worked in the EHS library until she was 72! She continues to live in Ellensburg. She is still very much interested in good books!

Frank Johnson - Retired living in Eburg.

Dave Keller - Still teaching away at EHS. I wonder if he still has his magic chalk?

Ann King - Mrs. King is retired and living in the area.

Karen Kittleson - Ms. Kittleson is retired and spends her time as an advocate for responsible cat ownership; she encourages adoption of abandoned animals (cats and dogs).

Dale Lanegan - Mr. Lanegan moved to Juneau, Alaska in 1984. He has since retired from teaching and is doing very well.

Dale Leavitt - Retired living in Eburg.

Hal Lindstrom - Mr. Lindstrom is enjoying retirement; he lives in Ellensburg and spends time maintaining his garden and watching the birds in the area.  He and his wife Gloria also travel.

Jackie Lohman

Cyndi Makris

Frank Marvin - Mr. Marvin has passed away. Mr. Marvin drove 6 of us to engineering at WSU. All got degrees. 4 of 6 hated it and changed their careers.

Ed McDowell - Ed McDowell passed away December 18, 2009.He was a great teacher a wonderful husband, friend, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. His influence on us will live on through the generations. 

Vicki Melton -  Mrs. Melton lives and teaches in Oregon. She and her husband travel to Mexico every summer and plan to live their after retirement.

Doug Murphy -  Mr. Murphy lives in Eburg. He is active in the Retired Teachers Organization, and does a great deal of volunteer work.

John Perrie - Mr. Perrie is living in Eburg and looks exactly like he did 30 years ago.

Reid Preperrernau

Steve Rogers - Mr. Rogers is on the Washington Coast, retired, and very busy with volunteer activities.

Debbie Rowden - Still teaching at EHS. Little did we know at the time time how great she was. Thanks Mrs. Rowden for caring.

Leon Sigler - Retired and living in Eburg. He is still very active in youth baseball.

Jean Smith - Ms. Smith spends most of the year in Ellensburg, but she owns an apartment in Florida, close to the water, and she spends part of each year there.

Emily Stevenson - Recently retired. Emily is working as a consultant for several agencies regarding consumer education; she has been able to travel because of her consulting work, including a recent trip to Turkey. She also attended the Inauguration in January for Barack Obama.

Arley Vancil - Mr. Vancil died about 5 years ago.

Lynn Weissenfels - Retired, but very active taking pictures.

Glenn Weitz - Retired from teaching, but still coaches girl's soccer at EHS. Mr. Wietz was the 2007 CWAC Girls Soccer Coach of the Year.

Leroy Werkhoven - Mr. Werkhoven lives in Sunnyside and is very active. A three time cancer survivor, and disable Veitnam war veteran, he just finish a bicycle trip across American. His trip was a fund raiser for a college schlorship program. Hats off to you Leroy! You continue to set the bar high for the rest of us.

Lyle Wilber - Probably fishing the Yakima River.

Karen Zittel - Mrs. Zittel and her husband spend at least part of the year at their home in Arizona. She is retired from teaching.











Rest in Peace, Al Moss. You were an outstanding Principal, a great and committed community member, and a devoted family man. You will be missed.




 Helen Kelly - Mrs. Kelly passed away a few years ago.