EHS Today


 Adapted from the Class of 1979 website (Mary MacRae Gordon author)

         General Information  

  • Security: EHS and Morgan Middle School both have full time police officers on campus every day. They help with security, discipline, and any other tasks the administration needs. There are video surveillance cameras everywhere, with a lnk to a very large screen in the main office that rotates views from each camera. Eyes are everywhere! (Did we cause that?)
  • Driver's Education: Remember the driving range east of the school, where you practiced driving during your semester of Driver's Ed? It's now a parking lot for the newest elementary school, Valley View. Driver's Ed is no longer offered as a school class- kids must sign up for a private class in Ellensburg or Yakima.
  • Industrial Arts: The new shop areas are incredible, with the addition of a state of the art car painting chamber!
  • The "Old" School: The senior wing is still intact, and connected to the new building.  However, it's now called 'Wing 10". The general look of the building is the same.
  • Lockers: All lockers are located in the new school, and are assigned alphabetically, all 4 grades. So freshman through seniors are all mixed together.  The old lockers in the senior wing are not used.
  • FBLA: There is no DECA/VICA any longer- they have been replaced by FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). EHS has a very strong FBLA chapter and the kids compete all the way to the national level. And no, there are no candy sales at the end of the hallway at break!
  • School Store: There is now a school store, open at lunch time to sell clothing, some food items and EHS items.
  • Gym: The weight room is one of the nicest in the state, and there is still a dedicated wrestling workout room. The gym complexes are amazing, and there are 4 locker rooms- varsity locker rooms upstairs and class locker rooms downstairs.
  • Dances: There is still formal tolo in November, grub tolo in early spring but a combined Junior/Senior Prom in May. The kids seem to enjoy the tradition that only junior and senior boys can bring dates to Prom. (Did you know that we are looking for copies of YOUR dance photos?)
  • Senior Party: The senior party continues to live on, with parents going crazy with decorations and fun activities. However, there is no longer a hay ride in the early morning- too many complaints from residents along the way with hay in their mailboxes and destruction to their property.  The senior party now ends around 4 a.m. and the kids head home (right ..).


    Ellensburg High School held graduation in William Brown Gymnasium on the high school campus until 1982. Beginning in 1983, graduation was held in Nicholson Pavillion on CWU's campus. The graduating class of 2008 actually held graduation outside on the CWU football field because of the renovation of the Nicholson gym complex. While the wind wasn't an issue, it rained!  What are the odds? The Nicholson gym is now finished and graduation will return there this June. The new complex has air conditioning so that will be a plus.

    Although there have been larger classes from year to year, the actual size of the graduating class has remained around 200, give or take a few. The top 10% celebration continues to be a big deal. Where our graduation ceremony combined scholarship announcements and the presentation of diplomas, EHS now has Baccalaureate on Sunday night, a scholarship night on Tuesday, and graduation on Thursday. 


    During the 2005/06 school year, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association  (WIAA) did a reassessment of the entire state regarding enrollment and athletic classification.  Once all numbers were in, Ellensburg fell into a 2A classification instead of 3A. The Mid Valley League ceased to exist. EHS now competes in the CWAC (Central Washington Athletic Conference) and has had outstanding success.  Teams in the CWAC  league are Prosser, Grandview, Toppenish, Wapato, Selah, East Valley, Ellensburg, Ephrata, Quincy and Othello. A few of our biggest rivals, West Valley, Hanford and Sunnyside, now compete in a 3A/4A league with Eisenhower, Davis and the Tri City schools. 

    Interesting football fact:  in the fall of 2002, EHS beat Prosser for the first time since 1978, and we haven't beaten them since. Prosser has built quite a football dynasty.  Kellen Moore, a 2007 graduate of Prosser, plays quarterback for Boise State and has compiled some very impressive numbers.  His brother Kirby will graduate this spring and will head to Boise State as a receiver. Tom Moore, their dad, is the head football coach at Prosser.


Bulldog Fight Song

On you Bulldogs, on you Bulldogs
Fight, fight, for our fame
Pass the ball around the valley
(Touchdown sure this time)
(Basket sure this time)
On you Bulldogs, on you Bulldogs
Fight, fight, for our fame
So fight Bulldogs, fight, fight, fight
To win this game
B - U - L - L - D - O - G - S
On you Bulldogs, on you Bulldogs
Fight, fight, for our fame
So fight Bulldogs, fight, fight, fight
To win this Game!!!!!